Michael „Mich“ Kemeter attended the „Nevee Outdoor Festival“ in Sella Nevea, Italy, to give the opening lecture. Quite by the way, he was able to climb two hard multi-pitch routes Rotpunkt with „Liberi di Scegliere“ (8a +) and „Il cappello della strega“ (7c + / 8a), which he could even climb to the last hold, in the last pitch in the “ He got the information from Andrea Polo, one of the first ascenters of the route.

He climbed the harder route „Liberi di Scegliere“ (8a +) together with Tobi Perner. Technical facts: Il cappello della strega „(7c + / 8a) – 230m, 6 SL (6c, 6a +, 7b, 7b +, 7c + / 8a, 7c) „Liberi di Scegliere“ (8a +) – 200m, 5 SL (8a, 8a, 7c +, 7a 8a / +)


At the end Mich manages two first ascents in „flash“: „No Fear!“ (7c + / 8a) and „Behind Blue Eyes“ (7c / +), as well as a quick ascent of „Excalicul“ (8a +).