Mirit „Mille “ Heyden repeats probably as the fourth woman the boulder „New Base Line“ (8B+) in the Magic Wood in Switzerland. Two days before the successful ascent, she was already about to get through the boulder successfully, but she fell off three times on the last move.

Mille by Instagram: „Falling 3 times at the final jug of this incredibly breathtaking line was one of the most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced in bouldering but persistence paid off. After the failing disaster I was tired of the line and we decided to take a rest day although the wheather was getting worser. After a rainy night motivation was low. We were super surprised that New Base Line was one of the only dry lines in the woods. Friction was perfect, motivation high again and at last I was able to hold the jug! Topping it out with some wet holds was a combination of felicity and heart attack!
This line is really one of the most beautiful lines and I’m just super happy, thankful and satisfied to finish this one!“
















Photo: (c) Matti Staniek