Moritz Perwitzschky also has a good start to the new year and sends the 5th ascent of one of the hardest Boulder „Crowbar“ 8B+ in Franconia (Germany) in perfect winter conditions. The boulder was first ascented by Markus Bock in 1999. Moritz to his ascent and the conditions: „10 moves of steep roof climbing, five tension moves (7B) lead to the crux move, far span from a quite good hold to a slopy pocket, after that still tension climbing with a toehook for 4 more moves, I fell four times on the last hard move cause of loosing the tension. For me personally it gets hard to get and stay warm if it’s colder than – 5°. If it’s below 0° for me warm clothes and gloves are enough and probably boulders with less than 10 moves are a better choice. You also get used to it quite fast actually.“