The 17 years old German Climber Moritz Welt has also a good start to the new year. After Moritz was a bit frustrated from his projects, he tried „old forgotten“ lines. So he sends with „saber tooth“ and „Miocene“ two 8B-Boulder. In addition, he can solve two travese with „Airbus“ (8B) and „Crashpad Dummy“ (8B+). From the last Boulder was probably the 3rd ascent. Moritz climbed over 60 Boulder in grade 8A and harder last year.

Moritz: „I think my goal was trying some lines I’ve never tried before cause I became a little frustrated on my other projects. So expectations were quite low and I was able to be as relaxed as possible while bouldering. All ascents were super rewarding, but most of all „Airbus“ because it’s so rarely repeated and I love reactivating old and forgotten lines!“