Seb Bouin finished his first step of his Vintage Rock Tour in Buoux. In this crag the climbing history was made by different climbers. Seb met two of them Ben Moon Moon and Antoine Le Menestrel . He climbed three days with them. It was the first time they climbed again togother after 30 years.

He is doing with Raphael Fourau and EB Climbing a video for this episod
To summarize the routes which will be in this video:
• „Rêve de papillon“ one of the first french 8a
• „Choucas“ first french female 8a+
• „Les mains sales“ first french 8b
• „La rage de vivre“ first french 8b+
• „Azincourt“ first french 8c.

But more than a grade there is a story behind these routes. And it’s this story Seb want to explain in the video with Ben and Antoine.
Stay tuned!
Pic: Seb Bouin in ‚Les mains sales 8b‘ by Raphaël Fourau