Loïc Zehani  has done the FA of „Iron Man“ in St Léger, after six sessions, which was bolted by Albert Gnerro. This was the 8th 9a FA by the 17 year old.  It‘s a very long and nice route . The first part (the harder) is bolted by Alberto Gnerro. Alberto has bolted some 500 routes and we will follow up with some comments from him as there is an autobiography coming out. He means to the route: „I bolted this route last year but no chance to try because it was always wet. I easily do the roof but at the top there was wet holds. I did the 8c some years ago. I regret not to have the first ascent but good for Loic. He is a strong climber.“

It‘s 35 movements in a roof with 3 boulder sections without rest. After that you join the second part of „En voie dure Simone“ 8c in a nice overhang with a lot of little pinches. Loïc think the first part is more or less 8c+ and the second part 8b. It took him 6 days of work and it’s a very nice route . Maybe a classic in the future.