Test: Saltic Barefoot Shoes

I have to admit, I was skeptical as I held the SALTIC barefoot shoes in my hand. First the shoes at that time were actually completely unsuitable for rock climbing ;-). Tension, grip from the shoes all wrong. So they were dressed for normal running and they were good for that. At the latest after getting dressed and walking around I was amazed, an almost direct feel of the ground without being really barefoot. „No more barefoot“ is Saltic’s company motto. In that case, „better than barefoot“ would be better. You walk barefoot, feel the ground, but have a thin and therefore protective sole between the foot and the ground. Especially on forest floor and on the beach or sand is a very good. The problem is with hard or uneven floors. As you notice every stone and it will soon exhausting. But that’s probably a matter of getting used to, as in barefoot running. All in all, a nice approach and casual shoe, only for climbing you should not use it. In terms of color, the shoes do not leave anything to be desired, with a total of 10 colors to choose, from gaudy to muted. The shoes are available from the relevant retailers or directly by Saltic.

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