There was not much to hear from Angy Eiter for a long time. Now she returns with an ascent of the route „Pure Dreaming“ (9a) in Massone (Arco). The route was first ascented by Adam Ondra and bolted by Alfredo Webber. The route in the sector „Pueblo“ starts like „Reini’s“ and then linkup to the left.

Two weeks ago, I tried an incredible line in Arco, Massone „Pure Dreaming“, freed by @adam.ondra . I was surprised that there was still room to include an independent route through this crazy overhanging roof. I was smiling of stoke. However, it rained a lot and the wall was wet. So I returned last week for five day together with my husband @bernieruech . Although it was quite hot this time and conditions were not perfect, it was ok to climb. I checked the moves out again, seeing progress. Four times I felt at the last hard moves, wondering if I can still go on for it on my last day, where tiredness and warm temperatures challenged me. Motivation quotes were low first, but then I really wanted to give it another try. Unexpected, I tackled this beauty on my last day, on my last possible try. Thanks @69.nemo for bolting this line.


























Photos: @Bernie Ruech