Jesús Muñoz Vaquero was able to climb his second 8C-Boulder with „Eterno Legado“ in the Spanish Hoya Moros. It was also the first Repetition auf this Boulder.

„After some rainy weeks, the weather was better and we could to climb to Hoyamoros. Although it was a little wet day, the cold present counteracted it. And after some attempts falling into the last movements, in my last try, i was able to link the 20 movements to complete it . Very happy for sent it. Yesterday „everything“ went well . My partner @juan_hm8 , also sent his 8A Aurora project and my friend @daturalabra , the superhero Labra, showed that falls from almost any height do not affect him, right? What a fright you gave us… This boulder goes for you dude . Let’s keep going!

Foto: (c)Víctor Rodríguez