The Belgian Simon Lorenzi was able to solve one of the big and “last problems” in Fontainebleau in February with the sit start version of “The Big Island”. He named the boulder “ Soudain Seul„. Simon was a bit uncertain about the evaluation and gave a hard 8C + or 9A. Now the french Nico Pelorson send the first repetition of the boulder and personal graded with 8C +. Nico used kneepads on his ascent. „This is only my opinion and I respect Simon’s one too. Especially since it is not impossible that he had to give it even more effort with his beta for shorter climbers.“

Other as Simon, Nicolas has more experience in this area, so last year he won the third ascent of „No kapote only“ (8C +).

The boulder was also graded 9A by barefoot climber Charles Albert. So now only the previously unrepeatable boulder „Burden on Dreams“ by Finn Nalle Hukkataival remains as a potential 9A-boulder.

Photo: (c) Arthur Delicque