Lena Drapella reports on her Instagram account, that Jernei Kruder could get an ascent of „Dreamtime“ (V15, 8C). Jernei Kruder, known as a good competition climber is one of the best on natural rock.

Lena on Instagram: „So this happened yesterday. After a long war,  topped Dreamtime, V15, 8C in Cresciano, on his first try of the day. He probably just didn’t want to land on those dogs running around on the pads during the send anyway, if you were around, you probably heard him. And if you weren’t, you probably heard him too. Pretty sick if you ask me! „

Frederic Nicole was able to climb the Boulder on October 28, 2000 and was rated 8c on the Fontainebleau scale.

In 2004, the holds of Boulder were enlarged by a stranger and the Original Boulder thereby irretrievably destroyed. and the boulder is then devalued by most reps to 8B . In 2009 broke out a hold and the boulder graded 8B+/C.