Seb Bouin was able to fulfill his dream on his Balkan trip and first ascented a new dream route named „The Dream“. „The Dream“, the most difficult route in Albania, was bolted in by Adam Ondra last year, but he could climb the route on this trip. It wasn’t easy at Seb either, because the route was too wet for a long time. The conditions were only perfect last Monday and Seb redpointed the route. For Seb it was the sixth route graded 9b and harder. After Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma, the Frenchman has the most 9b and more difficult routes on his ticklist.

And the dream came true After a huge battle against water and conditions, I finally made the first ascent of this incredible line bolted by @adam.ondra last year. I did this route last Monday with a perfect weather. It’s exceptional to have a route in this level with so many tufas. Happy to close this project just before to leave, and just before Christmas. I guess it’s a good present. This trip in Albania was incredible, soon a bigger report of that one. The video will be available in 2020.

Photo: (c) tchaloproductions