Daniel Ladurner reported on his Facebook account something new again. Santiago Padros, Daniel Ladurner and Mirco Grasso opened up the mixed route “Pariba, nach oben e bevilo” M8 WI5. It is located in the Val Mesdi in South Tyrol. The route name (‚down, up and drink‘) was created through a play on words, since each of us speaks a different native language.


1.Pitch 25m M7

2.Pitch 35m M8 WI5 (Proposed)

Ground up bolted with Anchors and Pitons on Nov. 30th und Dec. 14th by Santiago Padros, Daniel Ladurner und Mirco Grasso.

Access: From the Hotel Lujanta in Colfosco to the Val Mesdi until you see the route in the rear of the valley on the right. Approximately 2.5 – 3 hours!

Material: 14 Express, Ice Srews.