There is also something new from Jonathan Siegrist. He first ascented a new top route with „One Hundred Proof“ (9a+ / 5.15a) in the climbing area Mt. Potosi (Nevada). The American climbed in total 13 routes in grades 9a + to 9b, including „Jumbo Love and“ La Planta de Shiva „two 9b routes.

I’ve been inching my way higher and higher on this monstrous route over the last 2 weeks, but the process really started over a month ago trying hard on its easier sibling ‘Smoke Wagon’. Yesterday I finally hung on for the ride and took this bastard to the chains! ‘One Hundred Proof’ 5.15a is one of the hardest routes I’ve climbed in quite a while. Just as I started to really stress the time pressure, it feels SO relieving to wrap this up. Now only one week left until we’re off to Italy! Keep your eyes peeled for an @epictvclimbing video part on this route from @orographic_visual also featuring the King.

Photo: (c)Andy Raether