Dear climbing community, again and again we stumble on social media to ask for topos from certain climbing areas or walls. Partly understandable, because if you only plan a short trip or only stay there for a short time, you usually want to avoid the „high“ climbing guide costs. But please keep in mind that the creation of all climbing guides involves an immense amount of work and effort on the part of the authors. They have to get all the information on site, sometimes with long journeys. This is usually not cost-covering, but rather a „hobby“. Help you by buying a climbing guide (of course also online). The costs are usually two to three express slings, so they are manageable. Also there is nothing better than to browse through the guide book before you plan your next climbing trip. So „BUY CLIMBING GUIDE“ :-). The authors are usually very grateful for tips and error corrections.

We have already introduced the following climbing guides: