Another milestone has been set!
After ‚Wall Street‘ 8c (5.14b), Melissa Le Neve sents the first female ascent of the legendary route ‚Action Directe‘ in Frankenjura (Germany). Wolfgang Guellich redpointed the route in 1991. It was one of the first 9a routes (5.14d) in the world.

‚Action direct‘ vs. ‚Hubble‘ the classic worldwide and of course the corresponding benchmark in grade 9a.

„The first one … What a way … What a fight … but also“ une histoire d’amour „… everything I was looking for when climbing,“ wrote Melissa Le Neve on May 21, 2020 on Instagram. I would never have imagined how emotional it would be to clip the deflector. I totally fell in love with the process to solve the riddle of the route and achieve this milestone. So obsessed that it made me patient. Years of commitment, ups and downs, hope and doubts.“

‚Action Directe‘ was a 6-year project from Melissa Le Neve.