Adam Ondra, who is still at home, has now climbed the hardest top boulder in the Czech Republic. The boulder problem is long, it has 25 hard movements and could also be classified as a hard 9b sport climbing route. The last time Adam climbed an 8C + boulder was 10 years ago. The boulder is a deep start in ‚Ghost Rider‘, an 8C boulder, which Martin Stranik first ascented last year. And it connects ‚Brutus‘, an 8A + with the start of ‚Ghost Rider‘. A project in Sloup in Moravský kras near Brno is still open: The fully climb the line through the complete cave. „Over the last 10 years, I have been neglecting hard outdoor bouldering, mostly either focusing on competitions or when focusing on rock climbing, sport climbing (with rope) always had priority. Bouldering was more of a tool for training. But around my home, there are hard bouldering projects. They might not be the best lines ever, they usually lack topouts, but they are hard, they are there and they simply need to be sent, especially as the moves are usually intricate and interesting! This spring I have had more time to focus on them. Watch the first ascent of Brutal Rider 8C+ (V16) in the next episode! The boulderproblem is long, it has 25 hard moves and could also be graded as hard 9b sport route. Last time, when I did an 8C+, was 10 years ago. It is a lower start into Ghost Rider, an 8C first ascended by Martin Stranik last year. And it links „Brutus“, an 8A+ (Brutus exits left into relatively easy terrain) into the start of Ghost Rider.“ Photo: (c) Petr Chodura