Again we can report strong women again, even if it was a little while ago with Margo. Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen climbed the classic „Kryptonite“ 9a. The legendary route and first 9a in the United States was first ascented in 1999 by Tommy Caldwell,

Margo is one of the strongest climbers on this planet and one of the only five women to climb a route graded with 9a+. Last year she climbed with „Papichulo“ her third route to this grade. The strong American was previously successful in „Realization“ (9a+) and „La Rambla“ (9a+).

„It was a privilege to climb this route a few weeks ago. Thank you, @tommycaldwell, for the diverse and endless list of contributions you’ve made to our sport. Cheers to my friend, @paigeclaassen on her ascent as well!“
Foto: (c) Matty Hong