Video: Alex Megos sends 'Half-Life' (8C)

As already reported, Max Raeuber was able to do the 3rd ascent of ‚Half-Life‘ (8C). Shortly before, Alex Megos was also successful. Now there is a video online. The ascent of course somewhat reduces to using kneepads.

The boulder ‚Half-Life‘ is an extension to ‚Gordon‘ (soft 8B+) and adds an approximately 7C+ direct start to ‚Gordon‘.

„Half Life was first climbed by Felix Knaub a while back and it didn’t get a repeat for a long time. After getting more into bouldering this spring I could do the second ascent of it a few months ago. Felix proposed 8C back then, and I think the way he climbed it was for sure hard 8C. After finding slightly different beta and by using a kneepad it for sure made it a bit easier. Might still be 8C though. Hard to say, as its a rather long boulder problem with about 25 moves.“


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