The 15-year-old French woman Oriane Bertone sends her first 8b+ route in flash mode with „Le lézard à pompes extension“. The route is located in the French climbing area La Roche de Rame. Her 13-year-old brother Max was also able to climb the first part of an 8b. Oriane send this year with with „L’extrema Cura“ and „Panonoramix el les Cyclope“ her first two 8c+ routes.

„My first 8b+ flash at La Roche de Rame:“ Le lézard à pompes extension „:-)! Thanks a lot to Rosalyn Okmen for the test of the last Drago LV. The feeling is just incredible!! Thanks to Max for the informations and to my friends (Pierre C., Pierre M. & Jordy) for their support.“