The probably best female allround climber Barbara „Babsi“ Zangerl made the first repeat of the multi pitch route ‚Kampfzone‘, the five-pitch alpine sports climb on the Kleiner Turm in the Rätikon massif first ascended ground-up in 2013 by Beat Kammerlander and freed by the Austrian climbing legend in 2017. Zangerl’s life and climbing partner Jacopo Larcher followed yesterday. Sorry Jacopo for this short message ;-).

„After all those classics in the mountain range of Rätikon, I thought it can’t get any better. After Silbergeier, Unendliche Geschichte, headless children and many more the bar was set high. There are still some more hidden gems around. „Kampfzone“ is @kammerlander_beat newest creation. The psych was high to climb that line but to climb it together with Beat was definitely a special effect!! Thanks for the great company and the perfect sticky „no fall“ day. I felt honored to team up with him for a day!! You are a legend!! #inspiration

Today I went back with my one and only favorite (sorry, Beat) to support him on his turn to climb it and also Jacopo finished one other awesome climb on his wishlist. Happy end!!“