Seb Bouin climbs the route ‚The Dream‘ 9b for the first time during his Balkan tour. The Frenchman faced the difficult decision to bolt new routes into the „infinite“ rock potential himself or to try this great line. Ultimately, he chose the latter. Adam Ondra bolted the 50 meter long „Kingline“ during his Balkan tour in 2018.

„It’s not always easy to choose between climbing and bolting. When you have everything to do, you have to choice where you want to spend your time. During this trip I wanted to bolt and climb.
Yet, when I found the route bolted by @adam.ondra „The Dream“ 9b, it was a terrible decision to take between bolting or trying this route. I decided to focus on the route. Luckily I did it before the end of the trip, and I managed to add my touch to this wall. „

Movie from @tchaloproductions