There’s something new’s from Jonatan Flor again. This time a short boulder-like route in the Glacière sector in the Spanish climbing area Rodellar. The route is only 15 meters long. This is atypically short for Rodellar, so Jonatan finds it difficult to classify and leaves this to the repeaters. But since it is, according to his the hardest short route and Jonatan can also boulder well, it should be at least 9a + difficult. Jonathan named the route after the Greek deity „of favorable opportunities“. That should probably fit ;-).

„A few days ago I send the hardest short route I’ve been able to do so far! The route is located in the La Glacière sector of Rodellar, 15 metres, where the first 6 bolts are decisive as this is where the difficulty is concentrated. Regarding the grade, I am waiting for future repeaters.“