Shortly before the end of the year the strong Italian Stefano Ghisolfi sends the first repetition of the route „Bombardino„. The route in the classic Italian climbing area of Arco was drilled by Alfredo Webber at the beginning of the year and sends by Adam Ondra in February, who first ascented „Bomba“ (9b) in the same sector, which Adam had bolted twelve years earlier.

Adam graded his route „Bombardino“ with 9a+/b, which Stefano slightly downgraded to 9a+.

„It might seem a normal summer day at the crag from my clothes, but if you swipe left you can actually see what real conditions mean.
What an EPIC day in Arco with , we will never complain again about cold, this was memorable. Raise your hands to lend your energy to Gio who was very close to the send!“

Photo: (c) Sara Grip