'Greenspit' 8b+ trad by Barbara Zangerl

Barbara Zangerl sends the first female ascent of the trad route ‘Greenspit‘ in the personal Valle dell’Orco, after which she has tried the route for four days. So it is important that Babsi Zangerl her own position as one of the world’s best trad climbers in the world. The ‘Greenspit’ was artificially climbed by Marco Pedrini, Roberto Perrucca and Gianmario Bellini and freed in 2003 by Didier Berthod Pinkpoint. Barbara Zangerl manages the fourth repetion after Nicolas Favresse, Tom Randall and Stevie Haston. So far, all repa the repeaters graded the route with 8b. “Big thanks to @didier.berthod for being such an inspiration to me! This is probably my proudest crack climb so far. “Green Spit” what a line, what a place! Thanks to @jacopolarcher for sharing the psych on this line and always taking those incredible snap-shots. And thanks to @berndzangerl for the Valle del Orco revival…->finally coming back to this place after 10 years.” Photo: Jacopo Larcher

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