The video from the second 9c-Route of the world „Bibliographie“ is online. In August of this year Alex Megos first ascented the route in Ceuse.

He suggested for the grade 9c. The 35 m long route bolted by Ethan Pringle in 2009 and Alex Megos has tried it 60 days in many years.

Alex Megos never met a route he couldn’t climb in short order…that was until he encountered Bibliographie, an undone sport line at the French super-crag, Céüse. In 2017, Megos first tried the route that would become his three-year project. On the path to the send he encountered doubts and injuries and qualified for the Olympics. It wasn’t until COVID turned the world upside down that he was able to return to Céüse and close the books on one of the hardest routes ever climbed.

Directed and edited by Hans Radetzky

Produced by Ken Etzel Chelsea Jolly Patagonia Films

Cinematography by Ken Etzel Hans Radetzky Chelsea Jolly Graphic

Design by Stephen Rockwood Executive Producers Kristo Torgersen Justin Roth Josh Nielsen