Matt Fultz, reported on his Instagram account, he manages the first ascent of „Polaris“8B+/C (V14/15) in Reynolds Creek (Idaho). Matt was climb his first 8C boulder problem 21 months ago and when he reach the number 13. Also he climb with the Daniel Woods‘ „Hypnotized Heads“ in the „Rocky Mountains National Park“ (short RMNP) his first 8C +.

„First ascent of Polaris in Reynolds Creek. Maybe Idaho’s hardest boulder? Or maybe it’s actually easy and it was just awkward for me? Bouldering is weird. No matter the grade, I’m pretty proud of this one!

Required a ton of cleaning and creativity…the slab is just so blank! I had to believe the holds were there, then after a while they started to actually feel like real holds.

Excited for a couple more weeks here at home enjoying time with close family for the holidays.“

Photo: Mike McClure