Martina Demmel was in Spain and sends an impressive tick list in the Spanish climbing crag Oliana. Including the routes „Fish-Eye“ (8c) and „American Hustle“ (8c) in the 2nd gGo. „American Hustle“ is a 45 meter long endurance route in the sector ‚Contrafort de Rumbau‘ and was first ascended by Sam Elias in 2014. The route „Fish-Eye“ is five meters longer yet.

„Unbelievable happy to be back in Spain now since Sunday evening! Exploring a for me new area this time which is nothing less than the famous stunning wall of ‚Oliana‘. Couldn’t wish for a better playground to spend the next month in. One worldclass 40+ meters long kingline next to another mostly in the higher grades brings up so much motivation especially for some real projecting and not only focusing on onsights. If it just wouldn’t be that hard to choose which route to try first luxus problems as always! Just thankful to dip into this easy #climbeatsleeprepeat lifestyle for the next weeks with fun people around! With a massive pump, I already managed to tick off a few classics of the long wanna-do-list here with the help of prime windy conditions, perfect support & low expectations:

~ „Mishi“ 8a os

~ „Gorillas en la niebla“ 8b+ 2nd go

~ „Red Bull“ 7c+ os

~ „Red Bull extension“ 8a+ 2nd go

~ „De picos pardos“ 8b os ~ „Mon Dieu“ 8a+ os

~ „Macedònia“ 7c+ os

~ „American Hustle“ 8c 2nd go

~ „Fish Eye“ 8c 2nd go

Still wondering if I’m not daydreaming about what happened here so far, crazyyy! Photo: Toni Mas Buchaca muchas gracias por las bellas imágenes en „Red bull“; more impressions are following soon“ Photo:  (c) Toni Mas Buchaca