The german climber Martina Demmel, currently the best German female climber, was able to clip the belay of a 9a route.

Now she redpointed „Joe-cita“ in Oliana after only five tries. The route was first climbed by Jakob Schubert and classified in the typical Jakob understatement with 8c + / 9a. Jonathan Siegrist, however, already upgraded the route to 9a.

So far Martina has already sends two 8c + routes this year with „Joe Blau“ and „La Montaña Magica„.

„Only the 5th try after clipping the chains of the straight lines…
Still searching for the right words to describe what happened yesterday evening topping everything! When a lifetime goal you haven’t even started to dream about as it felt so far away suddendly becomes reality!
Can somebody pull me on my ear to wake up from this neverending miracle which is simply too crazy good to be reality!
More detailed infos about my feelings and the conditions yesterday, the route itself, the steady progress, dealing with the mind getting crazy and much more will follow the next days!
But today I just wanna say „Muchas gracias“ to every single person at the crag for the support, cheering and sharing the happiness afterwards no matter who had some progress or even was sending a project! Never experienced such a chilled familiar atmosphaere but still with a super psyched spirit before! These little things are the secret to let you really push your limits!
Special thx are going to @charlottefrank11 not only for the send belay but also for the positive vibes all the time, sharing the tiredness before the sendtry and all the big emotions afterwards! Venga vengaa!

Photo: @julia.cassou merciii beaucoup pour cette image parfaitement capturée
Photo: @tonimasbuchaca for capturing the excitement, relief and pure happiness right after clipping the chains“

Photo: (c)@julia.cassou