The 19 years old Kazuma Ise reports only the second! Repeat of „Hallucination“ (8C/V15) or is it 8C+ after broke hold, in the Japanese bouldering crag Hōrai. Kazuma projects in total 11 days to complete the boulder, which would be his first 8C+ boulder if the difficulty 8C+ is confirmed after break. „Hallucination“ was first climbed by the old master Dai Koyamada in 2003 and was initially graded 8B+. Many climber  tried the boulder over the years after the hold broke. Only Nomura Shinichiro was able to repeat the boulder in October last year.

Kazuma still has big plans. He is planning the top boulder „Floatin“ 8C+ in the Japanese bouldering area Mt.Mizugaki and „Epitaph“ in the Japanese bouldering area Horai. The latter boulder is probably also an 8C+ after hold break. He is also modestly planning a new 9A or „Burden of Dreams“.

Photo by @nabeyan_____