Jakob Schubert stayed for two day trips in Arco, immediately looked at the top route „Erebor„. In January of the  last year Stefano Ghisolfi had bolteed and first ascented the line. Jakob was able to score it very quickly despite the grip breakout. In Jakob’s opinion, nothing changes in terms of difficulty, even if the route has become a bit harder. Jakob wants to come back and also try the more difficult direct link „The Lonely Mountain“. In his opinion, is it basically the same route with only four different, of course, more difficult moves.

Jakob by TheCrag.com:„Such a cool route from Stefano Ghisolfi! Fell from the very top once because the good heel hook broke but luckily found some new (bit harder but not grade changing) beta and send the next go. Took me two 2 day trips to Arco, first one with horrible conditions though. Might come back for the Lonely Mountain which is basically the same route with four different moves and also just as hard in my opinion, let’s see. I like to come to Arco so why not“

The route, originally graded 9b/+ by Stefano, was repeated last year by Laura Rogora, who would have been the first woman to climb at this difficulty. Adam Ondra found a other beta in the top crux sequence as Stefano and Laura and suggests after his ascent  only rather 9b. The original beta is already 9b/+ in his opinion.