In addition to competitions, 29-year-old Katherine Choong is concentrating more and more on climbing longer routes. So she could now score the route „La Ramirole“ ( (8a+, 8a, 8b, 8a, 6c+ / 150m) in the Verdon Valley another difficult multi-pitch route. She even managed this in one day. She was inspired by a photo of her compatriot Nina Caprez.

„Yesterday I climbed all the pitches of La Ramirole in a perfect no fall ascent ! But it wasn’t a piece of cake Each pitch was a long battle of endurance ! I had been dreaming of climbing this route since I saw a picture of @ninacaprez many years ago. But it took me a while before I felt ready to tackle this impressive overhanging wall.
Jim my partner was also close to send the route, falling at the top of the 8b! Sharing this adventure with him, sharing the pressure, the fatigue, the difficulties, the disappointment when he fell but also the excitement, the mutual support and the moments of joy after each successful pitch made this climb an incredible experience! One very last chance for Jim tomorrow to succeed!“

Last year she was already able to climb a difficult multi-pitch route with „Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau de Vache“ (300m, 8b max.) on the Paroi du Duc in the Verdon Valley.

Foto: (c) JAN VIRT Photography