Katherine Choong klettert MSL "Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau de Vache" (8b)

Die 29-Jährige Katherine Choong konzentriert neben Wettkämpfen immer mehr auf das alpine Klettern. So konnte sie mit „Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau de Vache“ (300m, 8b max.) am Paroi du Duc im Verdontal eine schwere Mehrseillängenroute klettern.
„What a line! Located in the impressive Paroi du Duc, each hard pitch is absolutely amazing  (6b, 8b, 7b, 8a, 5c, 8a, 6b)! Lot of tufas on a (very) overhanging wall where you can do drop knees, kneebars, heel & toe hooks, it’s not a classic Verdon style route but for sur it definitely suits my climbing style!
If until now Jim has always patiently accompanied me in my projects and his presence has been crucial in their success, I rarely had the opportunity to support him in a multi pitch route. This time, we really wanted to find a common project, to try to send each pitch both in the same day in order to share the moments of pressure and success (I led all the pitches and came down to belay Jim in the three key pitches in the 8th grade).
We climbed two days to the top to figure out (more or less) our beta in the top pitches. The rain having then wet the wall, especially in the 2nd pitch (8b), we spent two other days just climbing this pitch without going higher, the conditions not being so good to attempt a send.
Finally on the 5th day, motivated by the successive ascents of each other, in a great fight of resistance, we both managed to climb each pitch to the top in a perfect no fall ascent
Once again I‘m grateful to have the chance to live this kind of adventure and to have shared this one with my partner in climbing and life
Fun fact : The name of the route refers to a song by Georges Brassens, whose centenary is celebrated this year
Many thanks to @tarakerzhner for joining us, thank you for this beautiful picture, your good mood and your smile“

Schon vor zwei Jahren konnte „Deep Blue Sea“ (7b+) am Eiger onsight klettern.

Foto: (c) Tara Kerzhner

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