The young Scot William Bosi really lets it rip during his visit to the Czech Republic:

Besides the two routes „Kostej Nesmrtelný and Perla Východu (both 9a). he was able to climb six! 8C bouldering, including the first ascent of „Bulbasaur“. By the way, he also came second in the „Czech climbing cup“. William Bosi flashed an 8B+ boulder with „Charizard„, we reported.

Here is his complete tick list:

Sport climbing:

*Kostej Nesmrtelný
*Perla Východu“ (beide 9a)

*Drift 8C
*Pata Ledovce 8C
*Bulbasaur 8C FA
*Ghost Rider 8C
*Tekuté Štěstí 8C
*Iceberg 8C
*Charizard 8B+ Flash
*Sila je Kouzlo 8B+
*Svini Mor 8B Flash
*Leda Kost 8B
*H1N1 8B
*Kouzelný sauce 8B
*Patička Ledovce 8A+
*Fénixovy Slzy 8A+ Flash
*The Swirl King Sit 8A+ FA Flash
*Blatant 8A+
*Kapka z poháru nesmrtelnosti 8A+ 1st go
*Švédský závodník Hotofson Sit 8A
*Smrad Dálek Sit 8A

Photo: (c) Band of Birds