Probably the best Frenchman at the moment, Sébastien „Seb“ Bouin starts the year again with an extremely difficult first ascent. He first ascented the route „Rei de Bering “ in Santa Linha, Portugal. The route is a difficult start to the existing route „Mar de Bering“ and leads like this through a large cave in the height. As difficulty, the Frenchman proposes the intermediate grade 9a+/b. The route is thus the first route of this grade in Portugal and also the most difficult route in the country.

Happy to finish this one few days ago. After sending Mar de Bering, I was searching for something harder.
There is a different start, coming from the very end of the cave. This start adds a lot before joining the actual Mar de Bering (like jumbo love direct).
It adds a lot of endurance before. I was reaching the crux quite tired everytime. The rock is amazing and the route is a true kingline.

Regarding the grade, it’s still hard to pronounce myself due to dificult conditions. I would say 9a+/b. Happy to add some hard ones here.

Sébastien „Seb“ Bouin presented himself last year as probably the strongest sport climber in the world. He made the first ascents of „Suprême Jumbo Love“ 9b+ and „DNA“ (9c) and only the third ascent of „Change“ (9b+), the first [9b+] route in the world.

Photo: (c) Clarisse Bompard