The Swiss Dylan Chuat first ascented the route  „X Intégral“ (9a+) in the Swiss climbing crag „Gottreux“. He combined the two routes „Satire“ (8c+) and „Shocker“ (9a). A good year ago, Dylan was able to climb his first [9a+] route with the first repetition of „Hyper final“.

„We are in Gottreux, a magnificent and majestic cliff overlooking my place in Valais. After freeing Satire (8c+) and Shocker (9a), I decided to combine the two to create a much more difficult route, the integral ! Honestly, it’s my most beautiful first ascent achievement and one of the greatest in my life, even if the ascent was fast. I can’t wait to hear what the next repeaters think about it!! Enjoy watching! Special thanks: Huge thanks to Sebastien Maflin, an exceptional filmmaker, for immortalizing this performance that meant a lot to me with his incredible talent! Also, a huge thank you to Charlotte Perney for belaying and bringing good luck on my last two first ascents of the cliff!!“