The Italian top climber Laura Rogora has not been heard of difficult ascents on natural rock for a long time. Now she has been able to get an ascent of „Lapsus“ in the northern Italian climbing area of Adonno. The route was originally graded 9b by the first ascender Stefano Ghisolfi. However, the repeaters downgraded the route. Jonathan Siegrist on 9a+/b and Seb Bouin on 9a+. This in no way detracts from Laura’s performance.

Laura thus further underpins her current exceptional position, having already climbed her first 9b route with „Alí Hulk extension total (sit)“ in Rodellar, Spain, in 2020. Alongside Angy Eiter, she is the only woman to have achieved this to date. After the ascent of „Erebor“ (9b/+) in 2021, the title of the hardest female ascent now probably belongs to her alone.

Foto: (c) Fabio Fin Studio Fotografico