Anak Verhoeven ist in Spanien sehr erfolgreich unterwegs. Neben „Ciudad de Dios“ – 9a/+ in Santa Linya. Außerdem konnte sie auch noch „La Fabela“ (L1) – 8c+ klettern.

Anak meint dazu bei Instagram (c): Santa Linya, Catalunya. Yesterday I sent „Ciudad de Dios“ – 9a/+! ? I topped it in my first attempt, after having tried and memorized the moves the previous days. Right after, on the same day, I also climbed „La Fabela“ (L1) – 8c+. • Thanks locals for your encouraging „Venga! Venga!“ and Monika for the photos. ? . . . . PS: Looking at this photo, you might think that it’s constantly warm and sunny here. ? The reality is that most of the time it’s cold and icy! ❄️ When the sun hits the Santa Linya cave though, the climbers can take off their down jackets, gloves and beanies and start climbing. ☀️ The day I sent those 2 routes, I could even climb in shorts and T-shirt! Oh, how I enjoyed that. ? •