Nachdem David Fitzgerald Ende März im Maltatal „Lady in Black“ und „Bügeleisen“ (beide Fb8b+) wiederholte, konnte er sich jetzt eine Begehung von von Big Paw (Fb8b+/8c) im schweizerischen Ticino sichern. Auch die beiden Boulder „The Great Shark Hunt“ (Fb8b) und „Shadowfax“ (Fb8b) konnte er abhaken. Nun braucht er nach eigener Aussage erstmal einen Ruhetag :-).

David Fitzgerald meint zu seiner Begehungbei Instagram: „Last night, I managed to take down Big Paw (8C)!! This is one of the best lines I’ve ever seen and the hardest I’ve ever climbed abroad. Using the mini-compression method, I had many doubts whether or not I could piece this one together on this short trip to Ticino, especially given how warm it has become here in Chironico lately. Ya gotta keep trying, though. Under the floodlights, I managed to put all doubt aside and stand on top of one of the best lines in the world! I can’t express how happy this makes me feel. Earlier that day, I also climbed a beautiful line called, ‚Midnight Lightning of Ticino‘ (7C+). ⚡ As always, @puzzleglass were on hand to capture all of the drama, which will be shown in their upcoming film #theblocbusterprojec„.

Foto: (c) Jess James