Nach Toshi Takeuchi hat sich auch Aidan Roberts eine Begehung geholt. Es ist nun die mittlerweile 15. Begehung des Fred Nicole Klassikers.

Aidan dazu: „Finished this off over a week ago and I’m pleased with it. It was an interesting boulder for me and one which felt as though it should not have been too hard. Physically I felt comfortable on it and found the final roll into the break easy, even from before the crux moves. However, after adding 3 easier intro moves my foot would pop every single time. I stuck the crux slap 8 times before I could get my foot to stay! Maybe this makes my ascent even more satisfying. Climbing at such a grade has always been inspiring for me yet also intimidating. Now that I’ve done it and it did not feel too hard I think it will give me confidence to try boulders of similiar difficulty in the future „

Vorher konnte Aidan Robert mit „Skadoosh“ 8B bzw. 8B+ eine Erstbegehung sichern. Er ist sich, auf Grund seiner schnellen Begehung nicht ganz sicher: „Skadoosh- FA, maybe 8b, maybe even 8b+? With some incredible rock quality about there’s nothing quite like finding some sandy crimps to yard on. These small crimps are surprisingly comfy and I could bagged this in just a few tries. 
The decision of the grade is hard for me as I did it very fast and it suits my style perfectly. Initially I would have undergraded it but with reflection feel it is comparible to climbs such as Oliphants Dawn and Amandala.

Maybe time will tell or maybe the fragile holds will crumble and this climb will be forgotten. Either way, the climbing was good and I’m happy with this one „