In den sehenswerten Video, präsentiert von Black Diamond Equipment, sieht man Adam Ondras „Road Trip“ durch den „wilden Balkan“ im Herbst letzten Jahres und seinen Besuch bei „Drill and Chill Festival“ in Bosnien. Unter anderen mit den Erstbegehungen „Czech Line“ (9a+) in Nordmakedonien und „High line“ (9a+/b) in Bosnien. Und letzlich das Onsight der
der Mehrseillängenroute „Spomin“ (8c) in Kroatien.

Adam zum Video: „Last autumn I spent a lot of time in Balkan countries. They are not very well known for climbing destinations, yet it does not mean that climbing is bad. It is just fantastic and I am glad this film really captures not only fantastic climbing but also vibes in these countries in general. Every country is different, yet in every country, I felt so good and welcome. Balkan Notes takes you to Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania. Who likes numbers, you can watch FA of two 9a+/b’s, as well as onsight of multipitch 8c. Thanks, @blackdiamond and all others who made this happen. I am really happy with the result.“
Foto: (c) Bernardo Gimenez