Jesús Muñoz Vaquero konnte mit „La Legión“ im spanischen Hoya Moros seinen ersten 8C-Boulder klettern. Ursprünglich war der Boulder von Beto Rocasolano mit 8B+ bewertet, bis vor zwei Jahren ein Griff ausbrach und der Boulder doch um einiges schwerer wurde.

Jesús  dazu: „Very happy to climbed this boulder . 2 years ago a hold broked in one of the crux and I thought it would be very difficult to climb it. In this time it only had the ascension of @betoboulder , whose proposal before this event was 8B +. This year I tried again and I could do this move in isolation, that motivated me to keep trying until yesterday afternoon I could send it earlier than I thought . Now I will try the Eternal Legacy, an alternative sit start to the same boulder that changes 3 movements of entry for another 6 different ones. Let’s go!“ 

Foto: (c) Víctor Rodríguez