Isabelle Faus holt sich eine Wiederholung von „Wonderlust“ (Fb8b) im französischen Bouldergebiet St. Vrain. Da war ihr immerhin 11. Boulder im Grad Fb8b und schwerer. Bereits 2015 konnte Isabell mit „Amandla“ in den Rocklands als fünfte Frau überhaupt einen Fb8b-Boulder ziehen.

Isabelle bei „Damn so psyched. Power endurance, steep and tech, climbs great. Wasn’t even thinking when I did this.. just did my choreography and kept moving, felt great to finish it ! ……. this is my first time logging since my last euro trip… I kinda got sick of the whole thing in a way… and just didn’t want too log.. but now after it having been so long.. i’m starting to forget things. I’m realizing that I need to keep track because otherwise I would just forget everything.. seeing my ascents and comments I wrote after doing things is really nice.. so im back..

Also during the past 9months ish.. I had my first two serious injures.. first I strained my left ring finger.. and probably would have been back way quicker if I didn’t destroy my shoulder a week later.. 6 months before that I had slightly strained my teres major.. and thought it was better.. but after taking a week off of climbing for my finger I went and did a conditioning work out.. and shocked my muscles.. basically I over used my teres major and serratus anterior so much that they just locked up.. and I had to „remodel the muscles.“ if I tired to hard to quick they would just lock up again and I would have to start over.. so I had a to practice a lot of patience… now its feeling basically all the way better, but I still get some phantom pains, but super happy to be feeling good just before Swiss!

Foto: (c) Chad Greedy