Daniel Woods holt sich die 5. Begehung von „Blade Runner“ im Rocky Mountains National Park (RMNP) in Colorado. Der Boulder ist quasi eine Einstiegsvariation zu „Jade“ (8B+). Es war dessen sensationelle 31. Begehung eines Boulders im Grad 8C oder schwerer für den US-Amerikaner.

Wobei sich der Erstbegeher Giuliano Cameroni bei der Bewertung war sich nicht ganz sicher war, bewertete ihn dann mit „soft“ 8C oder 8B+/C:„6 moves V10 into 3 moves hard and technical V13.. maybe 8b+/c“. 

Great rock, great moves, miserable crux crimp. This line was put up by my friend @giuliano_cameroni a couple years back. It is situated to the left of an iconic crimp bloc called “jade” that I put up when I was 17. The crux involves taking a left hand sharp as fuck button grip and doing a near iron cross move to a half pad flat edge. Having perfect friction and skin to connect this move from the start was a mental nightmare. Since global warming has fucked up the seasons, (unusually hot weather remains in the high country at the end of sept!) I had to wait until 10 pm at night just to have a chance. Speaking of global warming this is also a friendly reminder to all my US friends to vote Biden/Harris into office and remove our current clown. Serious change needs to happen in the US and it all starts with having the right people in place to make it happen. This is important. VOTE!!!!

Photos by Daniel Gajda