Das geht ja wie das Brezelbacken. Kurz nach der Erstbegehung von „Empath“ (9a+/5.15a) von Carlo Traversi, können auch Jimmy Web und Daniel Woods sich eine Begehung sichern. Für Jimmy, als einer der weltbesten Boulderer, war es außerdem die erste 9a+ Route.

Die Route befindet sich an einem neuem bisher namenlosen Felsen in der Nähe von Kirkwood in Kalifornien (USA). Entdecker war James „Jimmy“ Webb, der es bei einer Wanderung sah und mit seinen beiden Freunden Carlo Taversi und Daniel Woods teilte.

Jimmy dazu: „Full circle on this one! A couple years back while hiking around for boulders I ran across one of the sickest cliffs I’d ever seen. At the time I wasn’t focused on routes so I texted @carlodenali to go check it out. He immediately went to work and bolted one of the best routes not only in Tahoe, but in the entire US. 4 days ago Carlo put the beast down for the First Ascent and yesterday afternoon I followed suite with the second ascent of ‘Empath’ 9a+/5.15a. This marks the first of the grade for me and I’m super stoked to see the progression.

Huge shout out to the homies for the motivation and of course to Carlo for having the vision and establishing one of the best pieces of stone I’ll ever climb.“

Daniel dazu: „Best in the world shit! Stoked to have made the 3rd asc. after @carlodenali and @jwebxl. Holds, rock, and moves are out of this world. Power resistance climbing at its finest. Was stressed all the way to the anchors. Shoutout to Jimmy for hiking like a madman all over Tahoe and finding this piece of art (and sharing it with us). Shoutout to Carlo for putting in the work to get it done first. Was awesome to share this experience with all time people.

Jimmy n I went back to back on the sends… crazy shit. Best believe there will be footy on @mellowclimbing comin soon!“