Seb Bouin kämpft weiter um den Grad 9b+. Jetzt gelang es ihm mit „Beyond integral“ 9b/+ wieder ein 50 Meter  Ausdauerhammer im Zwischengrad 9b/+ erstzubegehen. Er stuft seine Neutour in der Nordwand des Pic Saint Loup genauso schwer wie „Move“ or „La rage d’Adam“ ein. Die Route eine Verlängerung seiner Route „Beyond“ im Grad 9a+ an derem Ende dann eine harte 8A+ Boulderstelle folgt . Eingebohrt wurde die Route von Fredric Ferraro. Quasi als Zugabe konnte er noch „Terra Nova“ 8c+ erstbegehen. Ebenso eingebohrt von Fredric Ferraro.

After days and days on the top of the north face of the Pic Saint Loup mountain, I am more than happy to make last Tuesday the FA of „Beyond integral“ 9b/+ bolted by Fedric Ferraro.

I can’t count how many times I went on the upper section trying to find a sequence. That’s the FA privilege. This place means a lot to me. It’s super cool to climb on the top of this beautiful mountain, dominating the valley.

„This 50 meters route is composed of two parts : a first 9a+ followed by a 8a+ boulder problem. The moves are amazing and spectacular, jumps, dropknees, hills, tuffas, crimps,… all the ingredients for a perfect project. There is a good rest between both parts.

About the grade, it’s hard to have a clear mind and to prononce myself. I spent a lot of time to find the sequences. I think this route is on the same range than „Move“ or „La rage d’Adam“. That’s why I propose 9b/+. Waiting for some climbers to try this piece

I also did the FA of „Terra Nova“ 8c+ bolted by Fedric Ferraro. It’s a nice line with a spicy end .

Thank you Fed to add new lines there .

This experience was special. At the beginning I thought I will not find the adventure I can find on a trip on a new area.

Then, when I was involved in the process, I lived fully the adventure around my house. It was maybe more intense than a trip process. I rediscovered the Pic Saint Loup sector as it was a new crag. I enjoyed the walk to reach the top of that mountain. I rediscovered the warm up routes, and I was thinking of bolting new routes.

There is always new adventures to live, even if you know really well the place.

The video is coming in 2021, stay tuned“

Bilder: (c) Raphael Fourau