Clément Lechaptois gelingt mit „Solitary Dazeim schweizerischen  Bouldergebiet Fionnay sein dritter 8C Boulder. Es war gleichzeitig, nach „Malédiction assis“ seine zweite Erstbegehung in diesem Grad, nachdem er auch Foundation’s Edge wiederholen konnte. „Solitary Daze“ startet wie „Permanent Midnight“ (8B) und führt dann direkt durch das 50° Dach.

Sooo stoked to have found my way up on this thing on which I’ve been damn psyched lately. I often had a look at this project when being in Fionnay but never really took the time to try. Coming back from ZA, I was looking for new stuffs not that far from home, and I’ve been happy to found this problem and to be that motivated to come back to this beautiful valley. Once again I was fortunate enough to share the good vibes w/ great people.

Foto: (c) Marine Thevenet