Adam Ondra Ende des Jahres viel in seiner Heimat unterwegs, konnte Ende des Jahres, mit „Taurus“ das dritte seiner schweren Projekte in seinem Heimatgebiet „Býčí skála“ im Mährischen Karst (Moravský kras) Topbedingungen beenden. Zuvor war er schon und konnte „Kout pikle“ (XI+) und „Molekuly (Molecules)“ (XI+) punkten. Die Route besteht, laut Adam  aus einem extrem harten 8C+-Boulder und einer 8b-Route danach.

Jetzt dürfte der untere Teil der Wand erschlossen sein, aber da gibt es ja noch einen schweren oberen Teil. Wie dürfen gespannt sein.

„In the last days before Christmas, I was battling with one very bouldery project close to home. The first 9 moves are surely an 8C+ boulder problem and if I consider it a boulder problem, it is probably the one that took me the most time ever The whole crag closes on January 1 due to the birds nesting, so the pressure was real. I was actually super close in early November, but on the last day before going to Italy I broke a hold. On December 21 I finally made it through the initial boulder problem, only to fall off in the 8b top out, slipping off due to numb fingers. December 23 was a bitterly cold day, a little humid, but the motivation was on fire. Going through the lower boulder problem was a real fight, and it took so much energy that I had to really give it all in the upper 8b, but it all worked out.

The whole climb revolves around an insane left-hand sloper, which is around 45 degrees with zero friction limestone and getting the left heel-toe-cam out. Then getting one of the most heinous razorblade right hand, flat undercling left hand and final dyno into a good hold. So powerful and technical at the same time, very condition-dependent and very uninspiring? Well, I do not think so, I enjoyed the process a lot. I am happy I finished most of the projects in the lower tier of Byci skala and next season it will be time to finally take a look at the upper tier. Those lines are equally bouldery, but just much longer and probably much harder!“