The 30-year-old Austrian climber Anna Stoehr had to throw now but two months before their planned career end, after the home world championship in Innsbruck. Anna suffered a herniated disc in February and is still rumloving her. The two-time climbing World and European champion now wants to increasingly turn to rock climbing. Anna was able to win the overall World Cup in bouldering four times and was able to manage boulder problems up to grade Fb 8b.

Anna says: „Last year I had thoughts of resignation. The home World Cup in Innsbruck was crucial for me to continue. The World Cup would have been the end of my career and I was very motivated to work towards that goal. Unfortunately, it is a fact that my back does not allow a start at the World Cup.“

After completing her studies in Innsbruck, she will begin her probationary year as a sports and English teacher in autumn, so that there will be a change in her career. We regret her decision, even if it is understandable, of course. Enjoy the climbing!

Photo: (c) Moritz Liebhaber