Dave Graham reports on Instagram, that he has done the FA of Parzival 8C in Rocklands.

Dave Graham by instagram: ‚Made the first ascent of Parzival [8C] last week out in the Gallery. This amazing line baffled me the first time I saw it years ago; it looked super cool but I had no clue how to climb it. After stumbling upon it again during a hike this this season I saw astonished that it possibly could work, and if so, it would be a crazy epic two-part rig which sits at the base of this crazy disc shaped bloc suspended over a small canyon and summits directly up the prow. After the initial beta hunting sessions had ensued, it was quite clear it was gonna not be easy to conquer this beast. Super technical yet fierce in its nature, this thing is a crazy mix of power-resistance climbing, body position, memory, kneebars and yes; blind toe-hooking!!! I was enchanted by the style of climbing, the rock, and its length; early on the fear set in of punting of the complex 8a finish once your done with the poor rest. Ultimately it took many sessions to become familiar with the super burly entrance, extremely dry conditions, and a little bit of luck that everything sort of slides in to place to take this one to the top. One week left before Switzerland to play with all the infinite boulders here.‘


Photo and video: (c) Chad Greedy